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  • 11013 Restaurant

    This beautiful modern caffe and lounge resides in Los Angeles, CA.  The exterior has a large and unique appearance that draws you in exhibiting a public parking lot and outdoor patio with umbrella covered seating.  The interiors are grand with high ceilings and tons of space.  The interior floors are concrete surrounded by tons of beautiful wood accents creating a very open and modern space.

  • 1113 Contemporary

    This beautiful 4,000 square foot contemporary style home sits on a large 13,600 square foot lot giving the ideal amount of space for filming or events.  This four bedroom, three bathroom home has a range of style from the mid-century exterior and backyard to the traditional to contemporary interior spaces.  The interiors are of an open-floor plan with lots of space accented by all stone and wood flooring throughout and neutral toned walls with traditional to modern furnishings creating a contemporary look.  Each room is spacious and can provide more than enough room for your entertainment needs.  The backyard has a sparkling blue pool, fire pit, entertainment seating area and a 180 degrees view of the city of Glendale and surrounding mountains.

  • 312 Beach House

    This beautiful and truly unique two-story beach house sits on the sand in Playa Vista, CA.  With modern appeal on the outside and unique traditional appeal on the inside this home is one of a kind.  The inside is decorated from head to toe in antiques and collectibles from around the world.  The interior is reminiscent of a museum, versus a home, with its magnificent collection being shown throughout.  This home features 2 bedrooms, two offices, one wardrobe room with collectible storage, lengthy hallways, two kitchens, and two large living room spaces with beach views.  The collectible storage area has a unique elevator tube, which has a very sci-fi look to it, connecting the first floor to the office on the second floor.  The entryway is beautiful with stained glass windows and a staircase leading to the second floor.  The backyard is the beach as it sits with a private deck on the sand and volleyball courts nearby.  All furnishings and collectibles can be moved and stored for shoots and events upon request.

  • 1112 Traditional

    This charming traditional home, located in Los Angeles, CA, comes designed with unique vintage vibes.  The interiors of the home are bright with white to neutral tones throughout accented by wood flooring and pops of vintage colors.  The kitchen is grey with stone flooring and includes an island and an eating nook.  The backyard features a sparkling blue lagoon style pool with water feature and spa alongside a wood deck and lawn space with forest-like landscaping.

  • 1111 Contemporary

    This contemporary three bedroom, three bathroom home, located in Sunland, CA, has plenty of space with large open and spacious rooms with high ceilings and recessed lighting throughout.  Located on a large lot in the hills, this home is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and mountain views.  The interiors are minimalist in style with modern to traditional furnishings and high end finishes.  The interiors are light and airy with white walls and thick blond maple wood flooring, travertine flooring, and an all marble master bathroom as well as with large windows allowing the natural landscapes and views to be seen from inside.  The garage is very spacious and available to be used for production.

  • 1110 Traditional

    This cozy home with old-world charm, located in Los Angeles, CA, features beautiful arched door ways into each room.  The interiors have a neutral toned palette with white walls and light wood flooring throughout the home.  The interior has three bedrooms and one bathroom all similar with modern furnishings, an eclectic vibe, and traditional design.

  • 17032 Studio

    This stylish studio comes equipped with a large and open space for your next shoot.  Stylish surroundings mixed with industrial textures on the walls and flooring complete the look of this space.  There is a large white open shooting area for all your photo shoot and filming needs.  The large industrial windows allow for tons of natural light to flow into the studio making it glow.  There is a small outdoor area complete with faux lawn, picnic table and zen decor.

  • 1109 Traditional

    This beautiful traditional style home with modern interiors has a warm and friendly vibe.  Located in Los Angeles, CA, this home comes with a gorgeous backyard complete with a pool, entertainment style seating, large manicured lawn space with a children's play set and mountain views.  The interiors of this home are light and bright with windows bringing the natural light inside.  This home features modern furnishings and wood flooring throughout accented by white walls and a neutral toned palette giving this home warmth and versatility.  This home features three bedrooms and four bathrooms all with modern design and style.