• 29008 Private Estate
    29008 Private EstateMalibu, California, USA

    This private estate is secluded on a hilltop in Malibu, CA completely surrounded by mountain, canyon, ocean views and gorgeous sky.  A beautiful and glamorous location for filming and events this estate comes complete with seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, a large dining area, living room, game room and kitchen all in a neutral toned palette with modern furnishings and designer touches.  This large lot has a private backyard which is beautifully landscaped for all your entertainment needs.

  • 29009 Private Estate
    29009 Private EstateSanta Barbara, California, USA

    This gorgeous private estate, located in Santa Barbara, CA, comes complete with a five bedroom and five bathroom private home, piazza, balconies, fire pit and BBQ area, pool area, and orchards on a massive mountain top lot surrounded by gorgeous mountain and ocean views.  The interiors and exteriors of this private home are in a classic Italian style featuring circular rooms with views, stylized stairways, stone archways, and balconies with views and an ancient feel to them.  This eclectic estate is surrounded by mountain wilderness, manicured lawn spaces, orchards and gorgeous views.  The backyard has a fantastic pool area with art statues and medieval themes.  The pool area has a small pool house with a bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom, outdoor fireplace area and grotto style spa.  This fantastic location is available for filming, events and vacation rentals and can cover a variety of needs.  There is on-site parking available as this location has an extremely large paved driveway and service parking.

  • 29010 Private Estate
    29010 Private EstateEncino, California, USA

    This classic private estate features beautiful architecture, design and style as well as a fantastic collection of artwork throughout.  The interiors explode with furnishings, artwork and details from the classical romance period surrounded by traditional architecture.  The chef’s kitchen is formed from archway shaped ceilings with brick and painted detail but made up of all of today’s modern amenities.  Each great room of the house has balcony details on the inside of the home as well as on the outside creating a very unique space with tons of windows and natural light.  This home comes complete with 5 bedrooms and tons of extras;  there is even a sunroom as well as a hidden room entrance through a mirror off of the downstairs stair case which leads to a lounge room with a bedroom and bath.  The exteriors are a classic traditional style mixed with Tuscan coloring and detail.  The yard space surrounds this private home with a lush background of greenery including palm trees, fruit trees, roses and mountain wilderness.  The shaded part of the yard has a Topanga Canyon feel too it and is especially designed for hosting large events.  With a great variety of looks and feels to every part of the home and plenty of space for on-site parking this private estate is the perfect place for all of your entertainment needs.

  • 29011 Private Estate
    29011 Private EstateMalibu, California, USA

    This large private estate located in Malibu, CA has a lot to offer.  Among tons of land there is a four-bedroom, four-bathroom house in a Tuscan style on the exterior and a modern to traditional interior sitting on top of a hill overlooking mountain views.  The interiors are neutral toned and well designed with white walls, as well as wood and stone flooring.  There are high ceilings with skylights and large windows throughout the home allowing for natural light, mountain landscapes and views to come in.  The home also has balconies that overlook the manicured lawn space in the backyard as well as the driveway in the front yard, also with fantastic views from each balcony.  This home features a very large circular driveway in the front yard that leads down a winding road to the gate at the bottom of the hill of which the house sits on.  The land that surrounds this home is brimming with natural wilderness and mountain landscapes.  The grounds also include a manicured lawn space and hot tub in the backyard, hammock, flagpole, and mountain trails.

  • 30001 Salon
    30001 SalonPasadena, California, USA

    This modern style hair salon features black floors, white walls and industrial concrete accent columns.  The angles of the white walls are tilted and curved to give the location a unique depth.  Overall this salon has a very trendy and elegant vibe.

  • 30002 Salon
    30002 SalonCalabasas, California, USA

    This nail salon features a country chic exterior surrounded by beautiful oak trees.  The interior is all white with neutral tile flooring throughout traditionally decorated with spa equipment as well as an esthetician spa area in the back.

  • 30003 Salon
    30003 SalonWestlake Village, California, USA

    This traditional style salon features all modern lighting, amenities, and comes fully equipped with styling stations, waiting area, and front desk.  The decor is traditional with a neutral color palette and tile flooring throughout.

  • 30004 Salon
    30004 SalonWest Hills, California, USA

    This vibrant and colorful salon comes equipped with styling stations, reception, and waiting area.  Vibrant colored walls and wood flooring throughout.  The front desk area has a chandelier and product display for an elegant and professional touch.

  • 30005 Salon
    30005 SalonCulver City, California, USA

    This modern salon is spacious with an open floor plan design.  Large windows pull natural light throughout the all white interior with concrete flooring and wood wall accents.  This location comes fully equipped with styling stations, product display table, and front seating area.

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