• 39001 Country French
    39001 Country FrenchBurbank, California, USA

    Welcoming and lush landscapes surround this lovely home that has a truly unique cottage-like appearance.  The interior of this house has a comfortable appearance with unique antique decorations and furniture, as well as beautifully distressed  woodwork throughout.  The yard features a small pool with surrounding garden seating area paved with stone.

  • 40000 Victorian
    40000 VictorianChatsworth, California, USA

    This traditional Victorian home is decorated and furnished in designer quality Victorian-esque fashion with modern touches.  The interior features a grand entry staircase with a banister that leads to the two second story children’s room and master bedroom suite.  The first floor features a revitalized all white modern kitchen with dark wood cabinetry and farmhouse style family room with fireplace and kitchen table, formal living room, as well as formal dining room.  The back yard features natural mountain landscapes, a pool with surrounding lounge seating area and paved patio.

  • 50000 Hotel
    50000 HotelCulver City, California, USA

    A beautiful and large hotel in the heart of Culver City, CA.  This artistically designed hotel features elaborately decorated dining rooms, bar spaces, guest rooms, and a grand entrance with extremely high ceilings as well as floor to ceiling windows for plenty of natural light.  The interior decor varies from all black and white rooms with bright colorful accents to eccentric and creative spaces with antique furnishings.

  • 51000 Bar
    51000 Bar Sherman Oaks, California, USA

    This trendy bar and restaurant comes with eclectic furnishings and designer interior comes complete with a free to play retro arcade and dining facilities.  Lots of color and design intrigue add to the excitement and visual appeal of this location.

  • 51003 Bar
    51003 BarLos Angeles, California, USA

    Wonderful classic style Irish Pub and restaurant originally built in 1936.  This pub and restaurant still carries it’s old world charm throughout making this location charming and visually stimulating.  Classic dark wood tavern style seating, bar, and booths complete the look of this location.

  • 52000 Arcade
    52000 ArcadeBurbank, California, USA

    A very colorful children’s arcade with tons of video games and ticket prize booth.  This arcade even features carnival style rides and a fun house as well as a medieval themed event room.

  • 52001 Arcade
    52001 ArcadeOak Park, California, USA

    Colorful children’s arcade complete with playground, play set, tubes, slides, arcades, party tables and more!

  • 60000 Airport Hangar
    60000 Airport HangarVan Nuys, California, USA

    This large airport hangar in all white features plenty of space for your filming needs.

  • 70005 Warehouse/Store
    70005 Warehouse/StoreLos Angeles, California, USA

    This traditional all brick warehouse located in Los Angeles, CA comes complete with street and alley access, large industrial style windows and doors, as well as rooftop access.  This building features a workshop area with large industrial machinery and a storefront filled with show room floor bathroom utilities.

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