• 26000 School
    26000 SchoolStudio City, California, USA

    This large school features university style buildings with large grass courtyard, full gym and basketball court, huge on-site parking lot, classrooms, and a library.  The exterior is all white with red tile roofing surrounded by a park-like setting filled with grass areas and trees.

  • 26001 Cooking School
    26001 Cooking SchoolCulver City, California, USA

    This culinary school located in Culver City, CA features a fully equipped commercial grade kitchen with stainless steel appliances and rows of tables for students to work at.  This location also features a food demonstration area as well as two kitchen stages ready to shoot cooking shows and demonstrations at.

  • 26002 School
    26002 SchoolLos Angeles, California, USA

    This traditional style elementary school features various styles of colorful classrooms from preschool all the way through fifth grade.  There is also a computer lab as well as surrounding playground areas.

  • 27002 Religious Facility/School
    27002 Religious Facility/SchoolLos Angeles, California, USA

    A traditional style church building with an attached school and gym.  Beautifully crafted, arched stain glass windows bring in beams of natural light that fill the entire church.  This location features traditional church pew seating, pulpit and alter area, and large spacious rooms complete with a modern sound system.

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