• 17000 Store/Warehouse
    17000 Store/WarehouseLos Angeles, California, USA

    This traditional all brick warehouse located in Los Angeles, CA comes complete with street and alley access, large industrial style windows and doors, as well as rooftop access.  This building features a workshop area with large industrial machinery and a storefront filled with show room floor bathroom utilities.

  • 25002 Store
    25002 StoreLos Angeles, California, USA

    This spacious store, located in Los Angeles, CA is 12,000 square feet in size.  Half of the property is dedicated to a traditional bakery store front.  The other half of the property is an event space complete with 1950’s-esque decorations and furnishings as well as a stage and restaurant style table seating.

  • 25004 Guitar Store
    25004 Guitar StoreCanoga Park, California, USA

    This 10,000 square foot guitar store and wood shop is situated on a 5,000 square foot lot. This property also features an office space as well as a stage style performance space.

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