• 23004 Athletic Facility
    23004 Athletic FacilityBeverly Hills, California, USA

    This all in one athletic community center located in Beverly Hills, CA features rooms for every sport.  There is a full length basketball court with curtain, stage, backstage and arcade room.  There is a women’s and men’s locker room both complete with showers, restrooms and lockers which is also connected to the pool area for direct access.  There is a full length pool with lanes for swimming.  This facility also contains a synagogue, front reception desk and sitting area, classrooms as well as heated yoga studios and a karate studio.

  • 27000 Religious Facility/Cafe
    27000 Religious Facility/CafeLos Angeles, California, USA

    Beautiful traditional church with rows of seating and high arched ceilings with wood beams.  Happens to have a small cafe attached to it with outdoor seating area.

  • 27002 Religious Facility/School
    27002 Religious Facility/SchoolLos Angeles, California, USA

    A traditional style church building with an attached school and gym.  Beautifully crafted, arched stain glass windows bring in beams of natural light that fill the entire church.  This location features traditional church pew seating, pulpit and alter area, and large spacious rooms complete with a modern sound system.

  • 27005 Religious Facility/ Architectural Building
    27005 Religious Facility/ Architectural BuildingLos Angeles, California, USA

    Architectural and Historically significant building in Los Angeles.  The newly restored Center is a unique structure consisting of four distinct levels that provide a variety of locations in one venue.  Finished in 1908, the building expresses the beauty of a grand church without the symbolism of one.  This allows for a greater range of appearances, including court house, opera house, museum, theatre, government and assembly buildings, commercial and office buildings, estate grounds, etc.  The main hall provides a general seating of up to 700 made of pews carved from single pieces of mahogany, and a preferred-seating area of up to 300.  Rising ninety feet above the auditorium floor, the dome creates an encircling grandeur over a spacious and fully restored interior. Other unique offerings include: • A yoga hall with original hardwood flooring that seats 450 and hosts events from receptions and galas to yoga workshops • An additional second-story house (3600 SF) that includes an industrial kitchen, a yoga studio, bedrooms, office space and a 100-space parking lot • Rare pipe organs • Outdoor sitting space in a shade garden and a vegetable garden Architectural features: large Grecian columns; vaulted ceilings; dormer, casement and arched windows; colonnade supporting peaked roof; original brick, stucco, concrete, terracotta; a high copper clad dome (then the world’ s largest poured concrete dome); wood paneled walls and tiled floors; historic wood paneled interior elevator.

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