• 18000 Craftsman
    18000 CraftsmanLos Angeles, California, USA

    This traditionally furnished and decorated two bedroom, two bathroom craftsman home located in Los Angeles, CA comes complete with country style kitchen, ornately decorated dining room area, and uniquely designed bathroom with traditional claw foot tub.  The outdoor area features a paved stone courtyard with seating area surrounded by trees and a very decorative front gate.

  • 18002 Craftsman
    18002 CraftsmanLos Angeles, California, USA

    A very unique restored 1906 craftsman home featuring 2700 square feet of living space, with 4 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms.  Traditional style front porch complete with seating for country style for two.  This home is detailed with beautifully appointed rustic decor and furnishings, including a country themed children’s bedroom, dining room, and kitchen.  The yard features a children’s playhouse complete with slide as well as a large paved driveway space.  There is a separate unattached 600 square foot music studio on the same lot that matches the decor of the house.  Find a one acre lot across the street available for parking that makes it an ideal location for filming.

  • 18003 Craftsman
    18003 CraftsmanLos Angeles, California, USA

    This beautifully maintained and decorated classic craftsman home is picture perfect. Antique furnishings mixed with an updated traditional vibe with modern accents throughout making this home eclectic and unique.  The interiors boast a vintage style kitchen, vintage dining area, modern bedroom and an attic bedroom loft complete with triangular bookshelf as a headboard.  The exterior is all landscaped with a design built into the concrete yard.

  • 18004 Craftsman
    18004 CraftsmanLos Angeles, California, USA

    A colorful craftsman exterior with a gorgeous modern interior makes this stunning property a modern masterpiece.  All white interior with light wood flooring decorated with modern art and furnishings throughout.  Large windows and skylights flood the rooms with natural light.  The back yard space features a rectangular pool surrounded by a beautiful modern wooden deck and outdoor seating areas.

  • 18005 Craftsman
    18005 CraftsmanLos Angeles, California, USA

    This classic craftsman style home features 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms all traditionally decorated with dark wood beamed ceilings and antique detailing.  Large grass covered back yard space with a traditional style wooden porch covered by a pergola and outdoor Adirondack lounge seating.

  • 18006 Craftsman
    18006 CraftsmanLos Angeles, California, USA

    A beautifully renovated craftsman style 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home with neutral toned interior living spaces and bright pastel accents for a very warm and comfortable family environment.  The front of this home features a traditional style front porch complete with seating for two and surrounded by lush landscaped gardens and paved walkway.  The interiors have wide doorways and large window spaces allowing for lots of soft natural light to pass over the medium toned wood floors and trim accents.  The back yard is a beautifully landscaped garden area with outdoor entertainment style seating, lawn space, and paved walkways.

  • 18007 Craftsman
    18007 CraftsmanPasadena, California, USA

    A traditional style craftsman home in the heart of Pasadena, CA.  A neutral interior palette with dark wood flooring as well as trim follows you throughout the home.  This home features 2 bedrooms and 1.75 bathrooms.  The yard space is paved with some grass spaces and stone work and made private by an electric gate.

  • 18008 Craftsman
    18008 CraftsmanVenice, California, USA

    This cute Venice, CA craftsman home has a charm of its own.  From the front entrance you can see straight through to the other side of the home for a great open layout filled with all the craftsman architecture you would expect.  Archways and craftsman molding on every doorway and entry.  The kitchen is bright,w arm and colorfully painted and decorated including a vintage stove and oven giving it a unique vibe.  This location contains within it two bedrooms and two bathrooms, one of which is a child’s room.  There is a small yard space in the back featuring a zen fountain, small deck space and outdoor seating areas.

  • 18009 Craftsman
    18009 CraftsmanPasadena, California, USA

    This charming 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom craftsman style home, located in Pasadena, CA has a warm and friendly vibe with rustic farm house accents throughout.  Unlike most craftsman homes, this home has tons of space inside.  Wide and spacious rooms present plenty of space for production use.  The large family room has an open floor plan style to it as it comes attached to the dining room, office/den and kitchen spaces.  Home also comes with a finished laundry room attached to the kitchen.  The front of the home has an attached porch and the backyard has an attached deck patio.  The front and back yards are very large with manicured lawn spaces.  The back yard also features a macrame swing attached to a beautiful tree, entertainment spaces with seating, hammock, picnic table, farm house style shed and side yard.  Very beautiful home with a unique look!

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