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Location Scouting Agreement

The address of the following location will be given to the representative or production company, collectively “representative,” listed below upon the signed return of this document:

In return for the address of the above location being released, representative agrees to the following provisions in relation to this property:

  1. 1.) In no case shall representative request or accept direct contact information (telephone, cell phone, fax, email address, website address, etc.) from anyone other than Sunrise Locations Inc.
  2. 2.) In no case shall representative request or accept pricing information or related costs from anyone other than Sunrise Locations Inc.
  3. 3.) It is agreed that Sunrise Locations Inc. will handle all negotiations involving scheduling, availability, location fees, and other related fees.
  4. 4.) Representative acknowledges that the above-­‐listed location has not been checked out from another location agency for the duration of this project.
  5. 5.) If representative wishes to use the above-­‐referenced location within a one-­‐year period from the date of the Location Contract, they must allow Sunrise Locations Inc. to broker the deal.
  6. 6.) If representative circumvents Sunrise Location Inc.’s services, representative agrees to pay the full commission to Sunrise Locations Inc. as if the deal were properly brokered plus reasonable attorney fees and any other relevant fees.
  7. 7.) These conditions apply to other properties owned or controlled by the owner or manager of the above-­‐ referenced property, shown in relation to this project, and/or any property located within a one-­‐mile radius of the above-­‐referenced location.
  8. 8.) In no case will representative cause the address of the location to be listed on any social media site, member forum, or any other publicly accessible Internet site.
  9. 9.) Representative accepts all responsibility with regard to visits to this location and holds Sunrise Locations Inc. free from harm of any liability associated with such visit.

By signing, representative acknowledges that he/she is empowered to sign on behalf of the production company listed below.

Scouting Agreement

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