102 French Normandy
California, USA

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102 French Normandy

This location preserves the 1950s history of the home while adding in contemporary style.  The first floor is spacious with all the main living areas – kitchen, a bar lounge room, guest bedroom, formal living room, and utility room all reflecting the 1950s history of the home with use of vintage wall paper and aged furnishings.  The large open floor plan style of the contemporary kitchen creates a beautiful and spacious living space complete with a fireplace sitting area, dining space and an accordion wall that opens to let the backyard in.  The formal living room reflects the 1950s history with its light pink and green pastel tones on a neutral palette base.  This room comes full of décor, contemporary art, as well as a pool table and large sitting area.  The bar lounge reflects the kitchen’s blue-grey color scheme with brown leather accent chairs and a brick fireplace making for a cozy space.  The guest room is full of vintage style including bunk beds built in locomotive car fashion with individual curtains per bed.  The upstairs is made up of two bedrooms, an office space and the large master bedroom and master bathroom, each boasting individual style.  The two bedrooms are decorated to be children’s rooms, one of which is in a locker room style in blue with bright accent tones, the other bright purple hues and filled with collections of toys and masks.  The office space is covered in beautiful yellow rose cloth wall covering and is also filled with toys and bright artwork.  The master bedroom and bathroom have a bold blue and brown color scheme and reflect an aged traveler style filled with antique trunks and furnishings.  The master bedroom has a fantastic walk-in closet space with a long window seat also in the same locomotive traveler style.  The front exterior of the home reflects a 1950s Hollywood regency style with a beautiful garden path that gives it a French Normandy vibe.  The backyard is modern with a pool, surrounding outdoor seating and dining areas, as well as a pool house in a rustic bohemian style.


Street Parking By Permit.

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